LTWHOME Fish Pond Foam Filter Sponge Set Media Review

Mechanical Filtration
1/2 to 1 inch
Foams No
3 Foams

LTWHOME Fish Pond Foam Filter Sponge Set Media pack has 3 foams.

This foam sheet fits in almost all filters. It includes one Fine, Medium, Course foam.

Three foams are of different colours. Black, Green and Blue. The Green is fine foam which has a pore per square inch(PPI) of 20. Black is medium foam(PPI is 30), and Blue is coarse foam(PPI is 40).

FIlter foam size is 17-inch x 11 inch. You can cut and make holes using scissors to fit the desired filter.

These are high-quality foams available in lower price. It provides excellent mechanical filtration. It is a polyurethane material.

This foam is available in egg crate shape. So, Its thickness varies from 1/2 to 1 inch.


This filter media provides excellent mechanical filtration. Foams can be used in all types of filter.

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