AquaClear 50 power filter review

Filter Type
Power Filter
Water Flow Rate
200 Gallons/hour
For Aquarium Up To
50 Gallons
2 Years

Aquaclear 50 power filter is a hang on back aquarium filter. It provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration through its multi-stage filtration system.

This filter is suitable for 20 to 50 gallons (76 - 190L) aquarium and is easy to install. 

AquaClear 50 power filter is the best power filter with a maximum water flow rate of 200 gallons per hour, and flow can also be adjusted. Its power consumption of 6 watts with a flow rate of 200 gallons per hour makes this an energy efficient lower operating cost filter.

This filter has a 2-year warranty which comes equipped with AquaClear foam, AquaClear activated carbon, AquaClear BioMax ceramic rings.

We can put AquaClear foam insert in the bottom for mechanical filtration by removing tiny particles from water. AquaClear foam porous structure allows bacteria to grow inside which helps in biological filtration.

Keeping AquaClear activated carbon media in middle layer or top layer helps in removing impurities and chemical contaminants from water.

Aquaclear Biomax ceramic rings can also place in top or bottom based on your choice. Ceramic rings complex pore system allows bacteria to grow inside it. Bio bacteria will convert nitrite to nitrate which is suitable for fishes.

AquaClear 50 power filter maintenance

You should clean your filter every two weeks for maximum filter operation and efficiency. Make sure to unplug filter before cleaning.

It would be better if you replaced filter media in 3-4 months otherwise clean it properly. Activated carbon media should be replaced every 1-2 months for better filtration.

AquaClear 50 aquarium power filter variants

Model Gallons per Hour For Aquariums up to
AquaClear 20 100 gph 20 Gallons
AquaClear 30 150 gph 30 Gallons
AquaClear 50 200 gph 50 Gallons
AquaClear 70 300 gph 70 Gallons
AquaClear 110 500 gph 110 Gallons

AquaClear 50 power filter Pros and Cons

  • Multistage filtration system
  • Best aquarium filter with efficient energy pumps.
  • Equipped with Aqua clear foam, activated carbon, BioMax ceramic rings.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Occasionally make a bit annoying vibration noise.


Aquaclear 50 power filter is one of the best aquarium filters for fish tanks between 20 to 50 gallons. Different variety of the filter is available which suits 20, 30, 50, 70, 110 gallons aquariums.

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