Best Aquarium Filter Media (Reviews 2019)

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Best aquarium filter media and filter is required to keep your fish tank always clean. Everyone is interested in setting up an aquarium at home. But after sometimes majority observes that it is difficult to maintain the aquarium.

Frequent aquarium maintenance problem can be reduced to a great extent if you choose a perfect aquarium filter and filter media.

Types of filter media

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There are three types of aquarium filter media. Mechanical, Chemical and biological filter media.

Mechanical filter media

Mechanical filter media helps in mechanical filtration. Mechanical filter media collect solid wastes like uneaten foods, wastes produced by fishes etc.

In big fish tank filter or aquarium filters with three stage filtration, we can see that first level filtration happens through mechanical filter media.

Mechanical filter media traps all solid particles and pass water to next level filtration. Sponge filter, aquarium foam, filter pad etc are mechanical filter medias.

Biological filter media

Biological filtration is the process in which ammonia, nitrite present in the water will be converted to nitrate. Bio bacteria formed in biological filter media will do this job.

The best biological filter media are ceramic rings, bio balls etc.

Chemical filter media

Chemical filter media is used in aquarium filters for chemical filtration. Chemical filter media removes odour and other chemical pollutants present in water.

Hobbyists widely use activated carbon as chemical filter media. This filter media should be replaced in regular intervals.

Top Filter Media 2019

Following are the best fish tank filter media available in stores,

Aquatic Experts Classic Bonded Aquarium Filter Pad

Filter Media Type
Mechanical Filter Media
12" * 72

Aquatic Experts Classic Bonded Aquarium Filter Pad is a best mechanical filter media available in store. It helps in removing all solid wastes present in your fish tank.

This classic blue and white filter media is suitable for both salwater and freshwater aquarium.

Aquarium filter pad is 12 inch by 72 inch in size and it has 3/4 inch thickness. It can be cut and use according to the size of your filter.

This filter can be used in wide variety of canister filter, internal filter and aquaponics bio filters.

Aquatic Experts Classic Bonded Aquarium Filter Pad is made in USA.

Aquaneat Bio Ceramic Rings

Filter Media Type
Biological filter media
5/8" x 11/16"
6 lbs in 6 bags

Aquaneat Bio Ceramic Rings is one among best filter media for for your fish tank filter. It helps in excellent bilogical filteration in your filter.

Ceramic rings pores and surface area allows bacteria to grow inside which helps in removing chemicals, toxins and keep biological balance in aquarium.

Aquaneat Bio Ceramic Rings size is 5/8" x 11/16". Total quantity of 6lbs is available in 6 zipper design media bags.

CNZ Aquarium Filter Media Kits

Ceramic Ring
500 g * 2
Activated carbon
1 Bag * 2
Bio Balls
50 pieces * 2

CNZ Aquarium Filter Media Kits includes activated carbon, ceramic rings and bio balls.

It has 2lb activated carbon(1lb * 2 bags) which helps to remove odour and checmicals present in water.

Bioballs and ceramic rings helps in both mechanical and bilogocal filtration. Both these medias have good surface area to grow benificial bacteria which helps in bilogical filtration.

Fluval Activated Carbon Filter Media

Chemical Filtartion
3 * 100 grams

Fluval activated carbon filter media can use in both freshwater and marine fish tanks.

It provides perfect chemical filtration and also traps solid wastes which help in mechanical filtration. Activated carbon makes your fish tank water crystal clear. It removes pollutants and odour.

Activated carbon absorbs nutrients from fertilisers of plants. So use it carefully if you have live plants in your aquarium.

The package comes with three 100 gram activated carbon bags. You should replace your carbon every 1-2 months.

LTWHOME Fish Pond Foam Filter Sponge Set Media

Mechanical Filtration
1/2 to 1 inch
Foams No
3 Foams

LTWHOME Fish Pond Foam Filter Sponge Set Media pack has 3 foams.

This foam sheet fits in almost all filters. It includes one Fine, Medium, Course foam.

Three foams are of different colours. Black, Green and Blue. The Green is fine foam which has a pore per square inch(PPI) of 20. Black is medium foam(PPI is 30), and Blue is coarse foam(PPI is 40).

FIlter foam size is 17-inch x 11 inch. You can cut and make holes using scissors to fit the desired filter.

These are high-quality foams available in lower price. It provides excellent mechanical filtration. It is a polyurethane material.

This foam is available in egg crate shape. So, Its thickness varies from 1/2 to 1 inch.

Aquatic Experts Aquarium Filter Pad

12 inch by 12 feet
3/4 inch
Filtration Type
Mechanical Filtration

Aquatic experts aquarium filter pad is a dual density filter pad which provides excellent mechanical filtration for your fish tanks.

Dual-density filter pad top layer traps the large particle in water, and the bottom layer traps the tiny particle. This dual density pad filtering makes your fish tank water crystal clear.

This filter pad size is 12 inch by 12 feet by 3/4 inch thickness. It can be cut to fit our aquarium filter basket size. 

Aquatic experts aquarium filter media pad is widely used in all aquarium filters and aquaponics trickling filter for superior filtration.

AquaClear 50 Filter Foam

Filtration Type
Mechanical and Biological
Freshwater and Marine Filters
1.7 x 2.6 x 5.1 inches

AquaClear 50 Filter Foam is designed exclusively for AquaClear 50 power filter.

This foam filter provides excellent mechanical filtration by trapping even tiny particles present in water.

AquaClear 50 Filter Foam can use for both marine and freshwater aquarium filters.

Filter foam porous pattern helps in bacteria formation which in turn helps in biological filtration. This foam is long lasting and reusable.

MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon

Item model number

Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon is best for aquarium and fish tank filters.

Activated carbon helps in chemical filtration by removing odours, colour and pollutants from water.

Activated carbon is best for removing chlorine from water.

Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon is a product by Marineland, which is a leader in aquarium products and supplies.

The package contains 40-Ounce activated carbon, and it is perfect for freshwater and saltwater aquarium filters.

Fluval ceramic rings pre filter media

Item model number
Product Dimensions
2.8 x 4.5 x 6.3 inches
1.8 pounds

Fluval ceramic rings are best biological filter media for your fish tank filter.

Biological filter media helps in bacteria growth in its pores and surface area.

When water flows through ceramic rings, bio bacteria converts ammonia formed in water from food wastes to nitrite and the nitrates. Nitrates are good for fishes.

Ceramic rings also help in mechanical filtration by trapping large particles. This media is best for freshwater and marine aquarium.

Fluval ceramic rings have more lifetime which reduces frequent filter media replacement.

CNZ bio balls filtration media

50 bio balls
26mm (1inch)

CNZ bio balls are best filter media for biological and mechanical filtration.

The large surface area in bio balls sponge helps in bacteria formation inside, which converts toxic ammonia in water to nitrate.

Bio balls sponge traps particles present in water which provides mechanical filtration.

Bio balls have the plastic material body which lasts for a long time.

CNZ bio balls package comes with 50 nos bio balls. You can purchase more quantity based on your filter size.



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