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Best Aquarium Filter (Reviews 2019)

Are you looking for the best aquarium filter for your fish tank?  If you have already experience in aquarium filter setup and know about filter types, then you can choose the filter from out top...

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Best Aquarium Filter Media (Reviews 2019)

Best aquarium filter media and filter is required to keep your fish tank always clean. Everyone is interested in setting up an aquarium at home. But after sometimes majority observes that it is...

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Best pH Test Kit Reviews

Best ph test kit is required for finding accuarte pH value of a solution. pH stand for potential of hydrogen. It is a measure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Testing ph of water is easy...

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How to test pH of water at home

We can easily test pH of water at home using pH meter, pH solution, litmus paper and pH test strips. Testing pH of water helps to identify whether water is acidic or alkaline. pH of pure water is 7. Less than 7 means water is acidic and more than 7 means water is base or alkaline. Monitoring and maintaining pH value in the aquarium and fish tanks help to stabilise the...

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How to set up a fish tank at home

Keeping an aquarium at home is a dream of majority people. Aquarium will make your home beautiful, it kills your boring time and observing fishes in an aquarium helps to reduce your stress. But before starting, you should understand the necessary things on how to set up a fish tank and maintain it. Choosing a fish tank Choosing aquarium tank is the first part. I have seen many people...

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How to choose an aquarium filter

Choosing an aquarium filter for your tank is a difficult task for beginners as there are different types of filters available in markets. A filtration system is responsible for keeping your aquarium clean and removing waste, and toxic elements present in tank water. Once you set up a fish tank, you should need some basic ideas of types of filtration and filter type available...

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