How to test pH of water at home

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We can easily test pH of water at home using pH meter, pH solution, litmus paper and pH test strips.

Testing pH of water helps to identify whether water is acidic or alkaline. pH of pure water is 7. Less than 7 means water is acidic and more than 7 means water is base or alkaline.

Monitoring and maintaining pH value in the aquarium and fish tanks help to stabilise the growth of fishes. Fishes will not survive in acidic and high alkaline water. Rainwater has a pH value of less than 7, and it is acidic.

Nowadays some drinking water bottle used to print pH value in their labels. We can use following methods for testing pH,

  • Using pH meter
  • Using universal indicator chart and pH solution
  • Using pH test strips
  • Using litmus Paper

How to test pH of water at home using pH meter

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There are a lot of pH meter brands available in markets which helps to test pH of water at home. 

  • Take water you need to test in a 100ml glass. 
  • Put your pH meter inside glass for a minute time. 
  • You can see the pH value of water in the pH meter display 

As this is electronic equipment, we need to check and correct pH meter reading in regular interval. Calibration powder and water with correct pH value printed on labels can be used to calibrate the meter. Most of the pH meter provides calibration powder along with its package. 

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Test pH of solution using universal indicator chart and pH solution

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pH value of water can be quickly checked using universal indicator chart and pH solution. pH solutions are available in online shops and your nearby pet aquarium shops. You can use the colour value provided to identify the pH value. 

  • Take 10 ml water to test in a test tube or small glass containers. 
  • Drop five drop of pH solution inside the water container.
  • Make sure the solution is thoroughly mixed water. 
  • Match the test tube colour with the colour strip shown in the solution label to identify water pH value. 
  • Clean and keep your test tube for future use. 

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We can easily test pH of water in fish tank, aquarium using this method.

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How to test ph level of water at home with litmus paper

Using litmus is an ancient method to find pH. A lot of people's are still using it. It does not provide more accurate value, but we can identify water is alkaline, acidic or neutral.  

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Testing pH with blue & red strips 

  • Take a red and blue strip 
  • Drop water to test or insert strip in water to check pH value 
  • If alkaline, the red paper turns blue and blue strip colour does not change 
  • If acidic, blue paper turns red and, red strip colour does not change 
  • If neutral, there will not be any colour change in the blue and red paper.

Test pH using pH test strips

pH can be identified by dipping pH paper in solution. The color of ph test strips should be matched with the chart provided to determine liquid is neutral, acidic or alkaline.

Both pH strips and litmus paper can be used to determine pH and both are inexpensive. pH strips gives you a more accurate value compare to litmus paper.

There are different colour pH strips available in the market now.

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    pH Value Chart

    Following pH chart table has the ph values of the different solution.

    Solution pH value
    Pure water 7
    Milk 6.5 - 6.7
    Curd 4.5 - 5.5
    Vinegar 2.0 - 3.0
    Limewater 12.4
    Lime juice 2.0 - 3.0
    Tomato juice 4.1- 4.6
    Gastric juice 1.5 - 3.5
    Fresh cow milk 6.5 - 6.7
    Blood 7.35 - 7.45
    Urine 6.0
    Saliva 6.5 - 7.5
    Mango juice 5.8 - 6.0


    pH of water can be easily tested at home with the above methods. Make sure to calibrate the pH meter at regular intervals to get a perfect reading. Checking the value of pH using any two of above methods helps to make sure that ph values are same and accurate.

    pH of water can be raised using lime treatment and reduced using acid treatment. We can use a light acid like vinegar for this purpose.

    Lot of people used to test and stabilize pH of water once they setup fish tanks. Hope you get some information about how to test pH of water at home.

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