Instecho Digital pH Meter Review

pH Test Kit Type
Digital pH Meter
153mm x 29mm x 16mm
Life Expectancy
500 hours
Measuring Range
0.00 - 14.00 pH

Testing the pH of water is easy using Instecho digital pH meter available in stores.

This pH meter is a pocket size digital meter. We can test the pH of fish tanks, aquarium, drinking water, swimming pool etc. with the digital meter.

pH value ranges from 1-14. pH value 14 means very acidic, and 1 represents the most alkaline solution.

Digital pH meter is lightweight, and it comfortably fits in pocket and bags which makes this convenient to carry anywhere.

To test pH, switch on the lower button. Insert a digital meter gently in solution. LCD shows the accurate pH value and temperature.

Instecho Digital pH Meter Pros And Cons

  • High accuracy
  • Easy to operate and calibrate
  • Easy to carry
  • Auto calibrate button(CAL) for One Touch Automatic Calibration
  • Auto temerature compensation feature
  • Need to calibrate in regular intervals for a very accurate value.


pH testing is now easy using digital pH meter, litmus strips, pH solution etc. Digital pH meter provides a more accurate value compare to other pH testing methods.

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