Litmus pH Test Strips Review

pH Test Kit Type
pH Test Strips
Size of Strip
45mm x 7mm (L x W)
Brand Name
LabRat Supplies
Total Strips
200 Nos

We can test pH of water easily at home using Litmus pH test strips. pH stands for potential of hydrogen. We can identify whether the solution is acidic, alkaline or neutral with these strips and chart provided.

Package contain 200 pH strips in total, i.e. two packs of 100 pH strips. 

For testing, dip the pH strip in your solution, and immediately you can notice the change in colour. Compare the colour with the chart provided to get the pH value.

pH value range from 1 to 15. 1 is very acidic, 14 is very alkaline, and seven is neutral. 

Litmus pH Test Strips Pros And Cons

  • pH 1 - 14 Full Range Test Strips
  • 200 pH strips available
  • pH Color Chart included
  • Test strips pH value is less accurate compared to digital pH meter and pH test liquids