MarineLand Penguin 200 Power Filter Review

Filter Type
Power Filter
Flow Rate
200 Gallons/Hour
For Aquarium Up To
50 Gallon
Three Stage Filtration

Marineland penguin 200 power filter delivers mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Its three-stage filtration with a flow rate of 200 gallons per hour makes this filter perfect for aquariums up to 50 gallons.

Convenient Penguin Rite-Size Cartridges come ready to use with each filter.  Each contains new faster-acting Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. Activated carbon helps in better chemical filtration by removing toxic elements from water.

MarineLand Penguin 200 fish tank filters excellent biofiltration makes this one among the best aquarium power filters. This filter is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquarium tanks.

MarineLand Penguin 200 aquarium power filter variants

Model Gallons per Hour For Aquariums up to
Penguin 100 100 gph 20 Gallons
Penguin 150 150 gph 30 Gallons
Penguin 200 200 gph 50 Gallons
Penguin 350 300 gph 70 Gallons

MarineLand Penguin 200 Power Filter Pros and Cons

  • The filter is pretty quiet
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Three stage filtration keep your aquarium water clean
  • Excellent biofiltration
  • Bio-wheel maintenance should be done carefully to prevent damages.


MarineLand Penguin power filter is the best aquarium filter for fish tanks up to 50 gallons. Its powerful 200 gallons per hour water flow rate helps to keep water in aquarium clean and makes your fishes healthy.

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