Sonkir pH Test Strips Review

pH Test Kit Type
pH Test Strips
2 pack test paper roll

Sonkir pH Test paper roll can be used to test pH of any liquid. Package comes with small roll dispenser, it's very convenient for you to carry around.

This pH test strip is made up of high-quality filter paper which provides quick results. It’s great for household drinking water, swimming pools, aquariums, hydroponics,  urine & saliva pH tests.

It shows the full range of pH 0-14. It is ideal for use in a laboratory, agriculture, school education etc.

How to use Sonkir pH Test Strips

  • Tear off one piece of paper strip from the roll and dip  into the testing solution.
  • Wait for a second,  take ph test strip out of solution.
  • Match ph strip colour against the pH colour chart to confirm pH value.


Sonkir Test Strips can be used efficiently to find ph values. If you need accurate readings, then I will suggest you to go for pH meter.