Tetra whisper in tank filter review

Filter Type
Internal Filter
For Aquariums Up To
20 Gallons
Suitable For
Aquariums and Terrariums

Tetra whisper in tank filter operations is quiet as the motor is submerged. It is one of the best aquarium filter available in the market for fish tanks up to 20 gallons.

The filter has large bio bag filter cartridges, and the package comes with bio scrubbers.  It is suitable for both aquariums and turtle tanks.

Tetra whisper filter tanks variants are available for 10-gallon, 20-gallon and 40-gallon aquariums.

Tetra whisper in tank filter pros and cons

  • Installation and maintenance is easy
  • Suitable for small fish tank
  • Quiet and inexpensive
  • Low-quality filter media.


Tetra whisper filter tanks is an inexpensive silent filter for 20 gallons aquarium. You can choose any of the filter variant based on your aquarium size.

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